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Mr. Jade, born in Düsseldorf / Germany, Businessman, Artists and Charitable

He got to know his first musical instrument when he was only 6 years old thanks to his father, as a member of a family living in Sivas originally. He can play keyboard instruments, string instruments and percussion instruments especially piano, baglama and drums.

Mr. Jade who was introduced to his musical life when he was a child, he was also introduced to the business world at a young age and established his first organization company in 2000 and started to operate the first Turkish wedding hall in Hessen, Germany. Having adopted the innovation in his professional life, the businessman was known as the name who brought the chair covers and round table system to the wedding halls in a limited time period. He opened Jade Saal, the second place which had the Wedding Hall & Hotel concept in 2010 and Brought a new spirit to the organization world; and organized many wedding ceremonies for senior managers, celebrities and politicians. In addition to having the satisfaction of those for whom he provided a quality service, he introduced his reputation in the digital world by obtaining higher rating compared to many places and hotels. He established the Catering service chain in many cities of the Europe with those who wanted to share his success. He was deemed worthy for the award of the organization of the year for many times.

The music life of Mr. Jade with the nickname of Mr. Jade was crown with the single titled as Welcome To Turkey in 2018. He performed a duet with his cousin, Ismail YK in this single. And he performed his second duet with Niran Unsal in January of 2019 for the song of Aşk Benim Neyime which was completely composed by him. This work brought him to the award of the best video and best newcomer artist in Turkey in 2019. Mr. Jade who served as a video director once was the director of many videos of Ismail YK and he undertook the duty of directing his own songs. His third single was on the song “Mutluyum” in 2019. The video of this song was shoot in Spain and Brazil. And became the focus of media. Among those who liked the song in the social media, there was Beyonce. He was deemed worthy for the best Internet phenomenon in December and reached to 2 million of followers thanks to this work.

Mr. Jade was known with his charitable in addition to the artist and businessman identities. He has made 3rd water-well constructed in Kenya of which finance source was only undertaken by him since 2018. He made a prefabricated winter shed and a water tank built for one shelter in Izmir and for many in Istanbul. He presented a school’s laboratory to students for use in Izmit. His school project of which foundation was laid in 2019 in Hakkari was completed in 2020. Mr. Jade who made great donations in Elazığ Earthquake distributed gifts for his followers by sweepstakes without any sponsor support between the years of 2012 and 2020. Such gifts included a Mercedes A Class, 80 iPhones, gift cards in the value of 100,000 Euros, a watch in the value of 72,000 Euro which he was using and numerous holiday and flight tickets.

Mr. Jade who made a fast entry to 2020 presented the 4th single named Hasretinle Yandı Gönlüm for the music lovers on 14 February. The video which was shoot in Serbia watched by millions in YouTube. Additionally, he decided to open a restaurant based on food and nargile in KUMSmall Factory in Kayseri which is the biggest shopping mall of Europe in 2020. The restaurant is nominated as a candidate of chain in all cities of Turkey already.

mr-jade hasretinle yandı gönlüm
mr-jade hasretinle yandı gönlüm
  1. Hasretinle Yandı Gönlüm4:13
  2. Aşk Benim Neyime (feat. Niran Ünsal)4:26
  3. Welcome To Turkey (feat. İsmail YK)3:14
  4. Mutluyum4:03
Hasretinle Yandı Gönlüm
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